Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Celebrate Shelter Pets Day

I've never had a pet. From the time I was a little girl, I always wanted a dog. I begged and pleaded pretty much up until my adult life for a dog. Nada. Wasn't happening.

Then low and behold, I move out of the house and get married, then my parents get a dog. I'd been replaced!! Well, no, I gained a fur brother in reality (see Casey the shih tzu in previous posts). 

Since hubby and I are renting, we're not allowed to have pets but we know that when we have a home of our own we definitely want to adopt a shelter dog. So many sweet animals without homes, I wish I could find homes for all of them. 

If you're considering a pet as a holiday gift, I encourage you to consider adopting a shelter pet.

December 2nd is the fifth annual Celebrate Shelter Pets Day, a special day to bring awareness to all of the shelter animals who are so patiently waiting for their furever family to come along and adopt them.

Of all the dogs in American homes, only 29% were adopted from a shelter or rescue. Each year approximately 3-4 million pets are adopted, but 2.7 million still lose their lives each year for lack of a home.

Seventeen million people will acquire a pet within the next year. The Shelter Pet Project, a collaborative effort between The Humane Society of the United States, Maddie’s Fund® and the Ad Council, hopes to encourage these prospective pet owners to adopt shelter and rescue pets.

Here are some pawsome shelter pets:

Meet Kuma:

Meet Arnie: 

Meet Jules: 

Visit TheShelterPetProject.org to learn more about pet adoption, read adoption success stories, search for a dog from a local shelter or rescue group, or to “meet” shelter pets through an interactive experience.

Did you adopt/rescue your dog? Share a photo of your pet on social media using #shelterpetlove to encourage your friends to visit TheShelterPetProject.org to learn more about pet adoption. By sharing how your shelter pet enhances your life, you can show people who may be hesitant to pick a shelter pet just how rewarding it is to adopt.


  1. We rescued our dog...and honestly I can't imagine a day without her! Her warm, loving spirit and the way she wags her tail....gets me every time! I can't wait until you adopt one! You will make a great mama! :)

    1. Ty CoastWithMe! What breed of pup did you adopt?

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