Friday, November 14, 2014


Ok, that's a bit of a strong word to use, but it was the only one that came to mind when I started to think about blogging again.

I really haven't been a "blogger" for very long when I just kind of threw in the towel, and for very poor reasons IMO. No one was listening.

Or so I thought. I had several friends and family members (who all followed me from the beginning, love you thank you!) ask why I stopped blogging, when would I start again and that they really enjoyed my posts. Silly me, I thought no one was listening.

I became frustrated that I hadn't gained a following as quickly as I thought I should. Little did I know, that gaining an organic following (organic being the operative there) is challenging and really does take time. I kept constantly comparing myself to the bloggers that I love and admire, with their steadily growing HUGE numbers. The endless amount of collaborations they were doing with big brands. All of the opportunities they were getting. That's what I wanted for my little ole' blog. But, as I saw on a coffee mug on Instagram this morning, "Beyonce wasn't built in a day."

I also was told today, by some who's opinion I highly value, that I was an amazing writer. That made me feel awesome and it kind of breathed new life into me. Writing is what I have always loved, I mean I have two degrees in it, but that does not a great writer make. When I think about my career so far and where I would like it to go, writing has always been the core piece of the puzzle. I always felt like I had something to say, and for the majority of my life, it's been like screaming into a void. Or onto a piece of paper no one would read.

I chose to start a blog to give myself a place to extrapolate my thoughts and share the things that I love and find beautiful and interesting. In the end, I guess it really doesn't matter who reads it. I should do it for me. So that's what I am going to do and see where it takes me.

Little piece of my heart on a Friday- my favorite 80's song beautifully reinterpreted by Lorde:

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