Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Nordstrom King of Prussia Fall Beauty Trend Show

On Saturday, my best friend and I got our pretty behinds up nice and early to attend the Fall Beauty Trend Show at our local Nordstrom’s (in King of Prussia, PA). They apparently hold these twice a year and much to our surprise, we were totally clueless about that! Say what, a beauty event I didn’t know about? Blasphemy!

Despite the early Saturday morning start, there were at least 200 women in attendance (not including a few brave men accompanying their wives/girlfriends). It was kind of neat to be in the mall before it opened and pretty much everything was dark! All attendees received a Nordstrom Beauty Spot reusable shopping bag, a goody bag of beauty samples included as well as a program for the show.

The show was set up just like a regular fashion show, complete with catwalk, a lively MC (who happened to be the Regional Beauty Director for Nordstrom’s), and a DJ to keep the crowd pumped.  A variety of brands that Nordstrom carries presented their fall looks and new products (Nars, Clinique, Lancome, Laura Mercier, Clarisonic, Bobbi Brown, Chanel, MAC, just to name a few). During brief interludes, models showed off the hottest looks for fall. I had to wipe the drool from my chin.

So what is hot for fall? The smoky eye in pretty much any color and variety and deep, dark lips. But not at the same time. No, never do that.  Emphasize eyes OR lips, never both at the same time or else you will look like Elvira. Special emphasis was placed on skin and I completely agree. Summer can wreak havoc on your skin and now is the time to exfoliate all of that dead skin off and get into the groove with anti-aging and/or dark spot correction products. I have to say, it was difficult seeing the looks on display on the runway, unless you were sitting front row, which we were not. The bright lights washed out all of my pictures of the models (which is why you're not seeing many of those below).

What did I end up purchasing? Ah, that will be revealed in future posts my pretties. I’ll give you a small hint: blow dries are not my strong point! And a few other goodies :)

Enjoy the photos from the show! Let me know what new looks you’ll be trying for fall in the comments below!


Do you see the feather skirt on that last model?!                                                                                     Bow down and worship.                 
 Crazy crowds!                                                                                                                                Pretty program!

Whoops. So much for the suspense above.                                                                                                Me and my bestie M!

Top- JCrew Factory, Necklace- ILY Couture

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