Monday, November 4, 2013

Mondays: Music and Motivation

Mondays are typically not the favored day of the week. You’re coming off the high of a weekend and going back to work is just a bummer (even if you truly love your job). All the things that you need to do come rushing back into your mind. It’s cold and you don’t feel like getting out of your warm and comfy bed. Some people even get anxious on Sunday nights.

But, sometimes the fear of Monday and all the stress it can potentially bring are usually not as bad as we think it will be. When the Sunday night blues hit me, I have a few weapons in my arsenal. I make a playlist of songs that motivate me or something new to listen to give myself something to look forward to during the work week. I also compile images with inspirational or funny sayings to bring me up when I am feeling down.  I thought this would be a nice way to start the week here on Chicadelphia, so I proudly present the first installment of Mondays- Music and Motivation! Enjoy everyone and have a great week!

What I am listening to this week:

1. Come a Little Closer- Cage the Elephant

2. If So- Atlas Genius

3. Do What U Want- Lady Gaga, R. Kelly

4. Hold On, We’re Going Home- Drake, featuring Majid Jordan

5. Dark Horse- Katy Perry


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